Weber 40 DCOE 151 carburettor Pair

Weber 40 DCOE 151 carburettor Pair

SKU: 19550.174 pair

  • exc. GST $1,950.00 exc. GST exc. GST

Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy!

Jets may be changed on purchase but will incur a charge.

Gauze type filters for the top of the factory Weber can be purchased separately and do not come with the carbs.

This carburettor has a cable operated fuel enrichment starting mechanism (choke) fitted.

Fitted with standard 38mm long trumpets

Factory jetting- 30mm chokes -115 mains - F11 Emulsion tubes - 200 Airs - 50 pump valve - 45 F9 idle jets - 40 pump jets - 1.75 needle float valve

carbs are fitted with a std Lotus type lever (part number 45048.007) and mating lever adjuster (part number 45048.005), they also come with one single and one double banjo

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