Swift Dog Engagement Gear kit 2.3 Rod change

Swift Dog Engagement Gear kit 2.3 Rod change


  • exc. GST $4,150.00 exc. GST exc. GST

we carry the rod change 2.3 1st gear kit in stock, other ratios and remote change can be ordered with a small time delay

Rod Change ratios: 2.3 1.564 1.195 in stock

ratios: 2.1 1.486 1.195 1.1 - available on request

Special features are: * Aircraft Grade material * Three bearing layshaft * Aluminium bronze super strong selector forks for ROD change gearbox , Modular lay gear and Unique dog tooth design for superb slick changes 

Originally launched in 2005 and used by every Mini Miglia Champion since, the Swift Shift Dog Engagement A-Series Mini gear kit has been a huge success as racers are astonished by its ultra fast, slick gear changes. With over 350 kits sold world wide and many Championship victories the success of this gear kit speaks for itself.

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