Stilo ST5FN SA15 or SA20 Full Face Silver with visor

SKU: AA0710AF2M 57np

  • exc. GST $1,077.39 exc. GST exc. GST

we have a variety of the ST5FN helmets currently,

AA0710AF2M SA15 no posts fitted $1077.39 - posts are $88 plus gst  in stock in sizes 57, 61 and 63

AA0710AF2M SA20 Posts fitted $1216.52 - in stock in sizes 59

Helmet Standard - FIA 8859-2015 & Snell SA2015

The Stilo ST5 FN Composite helmet, with its smaller shell size and a new interior offers a compact and superior fit but delivering exceptional aerodynamics and a fit that is uncompromised, and all of this at a more economical price. 

This helmet is our budget karting helmet for adults, and while for use in karting it can also be used in racing. This helmet comes with a fireproof lining and is prepared for HANS post fitment which makes it eligible for NZ and FIA motor racing.

The helmet has a lightweight and much easier fitting visor and with a two point pivoting action. The central visor locking system has been designed for ease of use and much better visibility and has a two stage opening allowing you to have it partially open for airflow but locked in position.

A first for the ST5 range is that the small shell can now accomodate a size large head. This is something that will dramatically benefit this headsize, and for the first time large heads can benefit from a lightweight and a more compact shell size.

A full range of visors and aerodynamic accessories are available to allow you build this helmet with a finish you prefer.

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