Sparco Circuit I or Circuit II HR QRT Seats

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Sparco Circuit FIA Head Restraint Seat FIA 8856-1999 - black

Circuit I size 7.2kg,  Circuit II 8.5kg 

Updated with new QRT technology , reducing weight by 30% compared to previous seats.

The Circuit and slightly larger Circuit II competition seats are built using Sparco's QRT (Quick Resin Technology) process which has helped to reduce the weight by 3.85kg over previous Circuit models. Head protection is integrated for increased safety in lateral impacts.

  • QRT manufacturing process for a much lighter seat with no compromise on safety or rigidity
  • Built in head protection for vastly improved safety in side impacts
  • Non slip material in strategic areas reduce body movement for better comfort and safety
  • Available in standard size (Circuit) and large size (Circuit II) to accommodate a wider range of drivers

This latest version of the Circuit and Circuit II offer a 30% weight saving over the previous model whilst still remaining rigid and strong. This is due to the revolutionary QRT manufacturing process which allows a seat to be at carbon fibre weight but at fibreglass money. Non slip fabric is used on the base cushion and on the shoulders to increase body retention and a low profile, single piece cushion provides increased safety by keeping the legs inside the seat shell.

Alloy seat mounts $110 plus gst per seat or Steel $70 plus gst, please ask about shipping as it depends on your location, we can not ship seats to Australia.

Full seat range sizing chart HERE

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