Quaife Semi Float Hub Kit with axles / QAF4Z


  • exc. GST $2,650.00 exc. GST exc. GST

ask about options when ordering

Standard axle shafts $2650/ heavy duty shafts $2950

available in 22, 16 or 18 spline shafts

The Quaife English / Atlas axle kit dramatically improves the strength and longevity of an axle by removing the weight of the vehicle from the halfshafts themselves and putting it onto the axle tube.

 • Axle kit contains complete car set – 2 hubs & 2 shafts

 • Bearing size increased utilising double row ball bearing

 • Semi floating halfshaft design, with separate flange

 • Easy shaft removal – retained by two screws only

 • Suitable for drum or disc brake axles

 • 2 lengths of 12mm, classic 7/16 or Group 4 spec studs available

 • Large choice of halfshafts – others available to order

 • Now available with Toyota 114.3mm PCD hubs

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