PX300 Filter Box for single downdraft or sidedraft carburetor

SKU: PXC3001

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Designed for road and competition single carbs, the PX300 consists of a lightweight ring plate bonded to a high performance air filter element. The element is made from reticulated foam in a triple layer laminate, with the filter being supported internally by a metal cage. The PX300 is designed for use on a large range of carburettors as the baseplates are ordered separately to ensure the best combinations for your engine. When ordering elements, please fit the largest possible, allowing a 19mm gap between the trumpet mouth or carb face and the inner face of the filter.

C3001 - Internal depth 25mm. Width 190mm.

C3002 - Internal depth 40mm. Width 190mm

C3003 - Internal depth 65mm. Width 190mm

Requires a suitable alloy baseplate, available separately in either blank or precut for SU, Weber DCOE, Dellorto DHLA or Weber DGV downdraft carburettors

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