Pipercross PX600 Series Twin Carburetor Domed Air Filters


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•Varied filter heights to suit your application •Suitable for twin side draught carburettors or throttle bodies •Lifetime filter - can be washed and reused •Filter Size - 435mm x 190mm The PX600 range of filters is developed for twin carburettor or throttle body applications. They are used throughout Motorsport and are supplied as an OE item to the likes of Westfield, Jenvey etc. The range consists of a filter unit which utilises the Pipercross competition foam, bonded to a ring plate. The filter is a lifetime filter and can be washed and reused, it is a simple process using one of our cleaning kits. This ring plate can be attached (using the supplied DZUS fasteners) to either a tailored base plate or a blank base plate so you can cut the holes to suit your application. Remember to leave at least 20mm between the end of the trumpet/carburettor inlet and the inside of the filter.

these don't come with the backing plate clip, they are extra 

DZUS Clip - Suits pipercross & ITG filter backing plates – Palmside

C602D - Total height  90mm - Internal height 65mm - Length 450mm.

C603D - Total height 120mm - Internal height 90mm - Length 450mm.

C604D - Total height 150mm - Internal height 125mm - Length 450mm.

Suitable for engines to 220 BHP

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