OBP Pedal Box Master Cylinders from 0.625 to 1 inch


  • exc. GST $80.00 exc. GST exc. GST

Original obp Motorsport Branded Product Universal Girling type alloy master cylinders for brake or clutch actuation. Featuring a vertical mounting flange with 2.25 inch mounting hole spacing and a 5/16 UNF threaded pushrod. The outlet port has a 3/8 UNF thread, Inlet port 7/16 UNF. These lightweight Aluminium master cylinders are fitted to many competition cars, kit cars and classic car applications. Obp Branded Master Cylinder with a 3/8 UNF Outlet, 7/16 UNF Intlet, 5/16 UNF Pushrod Thread with a 95mm Push Rod Length from the flange face.

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