Monit G100

Monit G-100+ Rally Computer / Tripmeter

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With its careful selection of essential features, the Monit G-100+ model is the perfect entry-level rally computer for professional rally teams. The compact and light-weight design combined with the simple installation afforded by GPS make it easy to fit into any modern, classic or historic rally vehicle. It is also ideal for use in reconnaissance vehicles.

Feature Summary


Feature Q-10 Q-20 G-100+ G-200+
GPS Operation     GPS+ GPS+
Wheel Speed Sensor Operation WSS WSS or WSS or WSS
Total Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Interval Distance (5-digit) x x x x
Current Speed   x x x
Average Speed   x   x
Maximum Speed     x x
Stopwatch     x x
Fuel Gauge       x
Time of Day       x
Overspeed Alarm       x
Special Stage Recorder       x
Vehicle Performance Timers     x x
Programmable Foot Resets 1x 1x 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or Kms x x x x

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