Mocal Oil Cooler Pump

Mocal Oil Cooler Pump


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Mocal oil cooling pump. A diaphragm pump with internal cooling fan.12 volt motor. Weight 1.5kg. 3/8NPT ports. Pump body made from light weight nylon,care needs to be taken when tightening unions. Performance, Flow 2gals/10litres per minute. Pressure 50psi/3.5bar. Temperature for constant use up to 130°C intermittent use up to 150°C. Max current draw 7 Amps.

This pump is suitable for using in axle, gearbox and turbocharger oil cooling installations. The pump is self priming and can be positioned anywhere relative to intake, but if vertically mounted the ports should face downwards to prevent leakage in to the motor. Two screws can be removed to rotate the head to simplify plumbing. 

Please note, this pump is not equipped with a bypass so damage may result from pumping against a blockage, for this reason,oil must be allowed to reach operating temperature of at least 70°C before the pump can be switched on.

We also stock an inline 240 micron cleanable filter from Mocal that can be used with this pump to further protect the pump from contaminants. CLICK HERE to view


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