Mini Budget Carpet Set Budget

Mini Carpet Set - Budget black

SKU: MS126

  • exc. GST $160.87 exc. GST exc. GST

Will suit all Minis from early MK1 through to clubman, Mayfair and late Rover Minis as all shared a common floorpan. Don't let the low cost of this "budget" carpet kit fool you. They are made from good-quality nylon carpet with bound edges on the floor pieces to prolong life and look neater. All pieces are pre-cut for easy installation. Made with footpads either side to accommodate Right or Left hand drive-you will need to cut out gear lever and steering wheel holes using your old carpets as templates if necessary.

This set is black and to finish the job nicely we recommend you use our Carpet clip set: There is a set of clips that are domes where you rivet they bottom part of dome in place. The other side of the dome is attached to the underside of the carpet by a very thin metal circle that pushes through from top side of carpet and each spike is bent over securing the dome. That would then allow you to undome the carpet from car. Deluxe version also available at $345 which is moulded and has foam backing

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