Lumenition Optronic Electronic Ignition Kit

Lumenition Optronic Electronic Ignition Kit PMA50


  • exc. GST $595.00 exc. GST exc. GST

The Lumenition Optronic Contact Breaker Replacement System provides a straightforward instantaneous improvement to existing coils.

The kit has been developed to be installed with the Lumenition Distributor Fitting Kit (available separately). It optimises the performance of existing coils and improves the performance of distributors, increasing engine smoothness and providing easier starting. The optical switch within the kit is not affected by heat, dirt or dampness and does not require maintenance ensuring a 'fit and forget' solution you can trust in all conditions. The Contact Breaker Replacement System is recommended for all engine sizes up to 8 cylinder operating up to a maximum 9000rpm ensuring a wide range of requirements are catered for.

The kit is a universal fitment, but requires a Lumenition distributor fitting kit for specific distributors (available separately).

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