Kent 244K Rally camshaft kit

Kent 234K Fast Road camshaft kit

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Kent 234K fast road car camshaft kit for crossflow engines, Kit come with camshaft,double valve springs,spring retainers and followers

Applications Fast Road
Power Band 2000 - 7200
Cam Lift(mm) 7.43mm Inlet/Exhaust
Valve Lift(mm) 10.74mm Inlet 10.69mm Exhaust
Duration 280 Deg Inlet/Exhaust
Timing 37/63 73/27
Full Lift Inlet 103 Deg ATDC
VC (mm) 0.56mm Inlet 0.61mm Exhaust
LTDC 2.84mm Inlet
Retainer Material Steel
Pulley Material Steel
VSType Double
VSInstalled Height 34.0mm
VSNomSolid Height 20.0mm
VSNominal ID 16.5mm
VSDiameter 28.8mm
BHP Gain Approximately 18bhp increase
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For fast road use giving approximately 18bhp increase

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