JBW 18 X 8 TMS ET45 FORD TRANSIT 5x160 black - SOLD AS A SET

SKU: TMS 18x8 Gloss Black-1

  • exc. GST $1,300.00 exc. GST exc. GST

Available in Glass black sold as a set 

Every JBW "TMS - FORD TRANSIT" alloy wheel is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our wheels are manufactured to ISO16949 standards and have been JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard) and VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan) approved.

Every JBW alloy wheel is made under licence exclusively for us and passes through multiple manufacturing stages,

  • 3D CAD Production
  • Wheel Mould Production
  • Wheel Casting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Paint & Finish
  • 1250kg rating each
  • sold as a set


John Brown Wheels - UK


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