Stack Integrated Dash Display Tach ST700


  • exc. GST $1,216.52 exc. GST exc. GST

The ST700 Dash Display systems integrate tachometer, sequential shift light and voltmeter in a single 80mm instrument. Standard options include speedometer, lap timer and two pressure or temperature. In addition the ST700 can be fitted with a range of performance options, including an acceleration timer, infrared lap timing system, split time memory and straight and corner speed readout. Standard features include: Adjustable day & night backlighting levels to suit ambient light conditions. Fully sealed against water and dust to IP67. Peak value ‘Tell-Tale’ memory is provided on all monitored parameters. Configurable for all vehicle types and negative earth ignition systems. Supplied with mounting bracket, switch kit, separate professional wiring loom and manual. 1 year Competition Warranty 80mm Integrated display tach 0 - 10.75k. Includes Proximity Speed Sensor (part ST670), Tach Timer install Kit (part ST913031), 8 way main harness (part ST918039) & 0.4m Extender (part ST918037)

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