Holinger HZF 5 speed 1.1 top gearbox

Holinger HZF 5 speed 1.1 top gearbox

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5-speed H-pattern Gearbox - we have these on order with Holinger so about 2-3 months waiting time, dog and syncrho


5-speed H-pattern gearbox designed for use in front engine rear wheel drive vehicles.


  • The HZF is a complete gearbox, replacing the ZF S 5-18/3.
  • Torque rating for endurance events is 450Nm (335ft.lb).
  • The gearbox contains 5 forward gears and reverse gear set. All forward gears are profile ground for increased efficiency and durability.
  • Shifting is via an integral gear-lever.
  • The gearbox can be configured synchromesh or dog change.
  • Dog rings and synchromesh rings can be replaced individually.
  • Case hardened Nickel Chrome steel is used for all gears and shafts.
  • The selector forks are manufactured from Aluminium Bronze.
  • Casings are sandcast Aluminium alloy, heat treated to T6 specifications.
  • Removable detents for easier servicing.
  • Gearbox weight is 33kg (72.6lbs).