Hans Device - Club 3 Large/XL


  • exc. GST $549.00 exc. GST exc. GST

The Club range of HANS devices from Stand21 are a fantastic value entry level solution for racers looking for a HANS system on a budget, without compromising safety.

Made from injected resin and directly engineered from the Stand21 Ultimate shape. This offers the best comfort and ergonomics on the market and reduces its weight to match other competitive carbon devices.

The Club 3 has the amazing ergonomics of the Stand21 Ultimate with specific extra thin legs for a more comfortable fit.

It is available in a 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with an upright driving position.

The device is equipped with sliding tethers which provide more freedom of movement and black pads for increased comfort.

Weighs in at 640 grams

L - Fits collar sizes above 18" (45.5cm)

Hans post are not included and are $100 plus gst to suit one helmet

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