Duratech Titan Dry Sump kit

Ford Duratec Titan Dry Sump kit

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Titan Duratec dry sump kit for the inlet side -10/-12 with twin trough sump pan. This dry sump system will fit the 2.0L, 2.3L & 2.5L Duratec engines. Suitable for Escorts and cars with crossmembers, kits available for Westfeilds with shallow sump

A must for your new engine to remove the possibility of oil starvation caused by high G cornering, Titan has developed a Dry Sump System for the Ford Duratec,  Supplied with a Baffled, Cast aluminium Dry Sump Pan much shallower to Wet Sump, this will enable you to lower the engine and have a better centre of gravity. Another benefit of switching to a Dry Sump and having a remote Oil Tank/Reservoir, is the reduced level of drag on the Crankshaft and therefore increasing horsepower. We offer either a full trough Sump Pan or an 'Escort' style Sump Pan should the crossmember cause fouling issues upon installation. The System is supplied with our 3 Stage TR2 Oil Pump including Unions and Pump Mount, Pulleys, Oil In Adaptor Plate and Toothed Belt to suit the different Pump mounting positions.

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