Dunlop SP85 175/65/14

Dunlop 175/65/14 85R

SKU: T175/65/14 SP85

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Dunlop SP85 gravel rally tyres. A very well respected forest rally tyre, suited to loose gravel and mud through to hard packed dirt surfaces in dry or wet conditions, a superb all rounder. The tyre features an asymmetrical tread pattern, which improves traction and braking in a durable and predictable fashion, which is further enhanced with puncture and sidewall protection via the reinforced sidewall construction. Offered in a range of useful sizes and compounds to suit most applications.


  • A popular choice for unpredictable conditions
  • Works well on loose, hard, dry or wet surfaces
  • Asymmetric pattern, tough, reliable construction


Tyre width 178 / height 594

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