CSI Electronic Distributor A series 43D


  • exc. GST $645.00 exc. GST exc. GST

CSI-ignition is a fully electronic ignition built in an original looking Lucas, Bosch or Ducellier housing. You will have to remove the cap to see the difference! It is a direct replacement for the standard distributor. The CSI-ignition is easy to install and will bring you a lot of advantages. Your car will have more torque, better emission, a smoother run and start, less fuel consumption and the ignition is maintenance free. After removing the cap you can select between 16 different curves by using a screwdriver. A bright flashing led light shows which curve you have selected. The Swiftune CSI Distributor has our own bespoke curves developed using our 45+ years of A-Series engine tuning that cannot be purchased anywhere else. One distributor suits everything from a standard 850 Mini upto full-house 1460cc Racers! A choice of 16 curves built into the one unit…Simple! The CSI-ignitions are tested in the classic rally sport. Cars with our ignition competed in long distance rallies like the Carrera Copacabana, Monte-Carlo Historique, the Wintertrail, Amsterdam-Beijing and the Tulpen Rallye. Each distributor is complete with rotor arm and cap. The 43D is suitable for early, non S type engines with the original clamp-type distributor fixing. Please Note: CSI Distributor is not for FIA use, image is for advertisement use only.

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