Weber 45 DCOE Gauze Filter - PAIR

SKU: G45

  • exc. GST $90.00 exc. GST exc. GST

Trumpet gauze / covers are ideal for installations with very little clearance.

They can be easily removed and re-fitted for shows etc.

They have a soft outer ring that is a push fit over  62 to 65mm diameter trumpets, the gauze is made up of 2 layers of stainless steel wire with a fine mesh filter sandwiched between them.

Will suit:-

  • Dell’orto DHLA 45 & 48 trumpets
  • Dell’orto DRLA 45 & 48 trumpets
  • Weber DCOE  45 trumpets
  • Weber IDF 44 & 48 trumpets
  • Solex & throttle body trumpets with a 62 – 65mm diameter

The price is for a pair of trumpet filters

Please Note: There may be variation in the product from time to time, depending on whats available from our supplier. Filter gauze can vary in height of dome.


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