Nissan Datsun L Series small port throttle body kit

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One of our latest products is the Datsun L-Series Small Port Throttle Body ITB kit. This has been designed to use 45mm DCOE throttle bodies for standard road car engines whilst still offering our larger port option with 50mm bodies.
This kit has been designed and developed in house to significantly increase performance and throttle response of your engine leading to a reduction in lap times for the L-Series L28, L26, L24. These engines were originally used in the Datsun L28 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX car.

The base kit includes manifold set, 3 45mm TB DCOE throttle bodies, fuel rail and air horns.

Manifold includes take off bosses, 2x ¼” NPT, 2x 1/8” NPT on top side, 6x 1/8” NPT on underside with provisions for the original linkage bar setup.

Kit performance is enhanced by careful positioning of the EFI fuel injectors being located further upstream than standard and directly in the part throttle turbulence of the butterfly.  This allows increased time/distance for improved fuel mixing increasing torque and power where its needed.  Our spindles profiled to minimise cross sectional area at full throttle and an 8 degree shut angle (shallower than most) gives finer control at small throttle openings.  Our kits come built and balanced ready to fit you your engine and win races.

Other parts will be required to fit this kit, some kits are not in stock so allow about 2 weeks

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