Compression Struts Kit

Compression Strut Kit

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Ford Escort MK1 & MK2

This unique piece of equipment connects from the track control arm to a rear chassis bracket putting the front suspension under compression. This will improve handling, cornering and braking, these kits are also fully adjustable without removing from the car (DIY) allowing castor adjustment quickly and simply, eliminates castor angle changes, improves braking and requires no anti-roll bar. Compression strut kits are the ultimate for improvement of handling, this simple kit totally transforms the cars performance, in cornering promotes more grip, precise steering and increases straight line braking (As originally designed and used on the Escort Cosworth Touring Cars and MK2 Escort Works Cars.) These units replace the anti-roll bar and connects from the track control arms to the chassis brackets supplied, they are fully spherical jointed and adjustable on the car (No need to remove to adjust caster)

Generally speaking compression strut systems are used for tarmac track work where suspension travel is limited, Tension strut setups are used where suspension travel is longer (gravel and road rally events such as Targa)

For advice on Compression and Tension strut kits please call and talk to us so we can advise on the best choice for your motorsport vehicle

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