Springs 2 1/4

Coil Springs 12 & 14 inch 2.5 ID in different rates sold as pair

SKU: spuk150/14/2.50

  • exc. GST $320.00 exc. GST exc. GST

We have a range of 2.50 ID springs from 12 & 14 inch for tarmac and gravel, price is a pair.

150lb/14 inch /2.50ID:  175lb/14 inch /2.50ID:  200lb/14 inch /2.50ID: 

225lb/14 inch /2.50ID:  250lb/14 inch /2.50ID:  275lb/14 inch /2.50ID:

300lb/12 inch /2.50ID:  350lb/12 inch /2.50ID


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