Classic Mini Pedal Box Hydraulic Clutch

Classic Mini Pedal Box Hydraulic Clutch obp0301

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Kit Contents: 3 Pedal Mini Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box with Bias Bar.

No Master Cylinder. This pedal box has been designed specifically for the Classic Mini we have worked very closely with a Mini specialist to create a hi-performance system that is easy to fit. We are confident that our Mini bias brake pedal box is by far the best solution available on the market. This is a total replacement pedal box, not an add on part that does not work. We have tested and designed the 6:1 pedal ratio to give optimum pedal performance. All our pedal boxes are manufactured in our UK based factory, this is how we can maintain the highest level of quality control. The Mini pedal box is a light weight mild steel under-slung pedal box design, that offers the driver the highest level of efficiency in this critical area. The ergonomic design features a fabricated lightened steel brake and clutch pedal with oil impregnated spherical bushes that sets new standards in pedal box design. This pedal box is fitted with a bias bar that operates a dual master cylinder braking system, giving total control over the braking from front to rear.

Please check with certifier if using for Road car

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