Castrol React SRF (1000ML)

Castrol React SRF (1000ML)

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A direct replacement for the hugely popular SRF brake fluid, Castrol React SRF Racing brake fluid is specially formulated to maximise braking performance in competition conditions. React SRF DOT 4 brake fluid has a very high boiling point of over 300 degrees Celsius making this fluid ideal for even the most extreme conditions. In order to achieve such high performance, it is recommended SRF is to be changed in eighteen month cycles for maximum efficiency. A deterioration in performance at low temperature may be experienced if fluid is run in periods longer than eighteen months.

It is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems used in motorsport with the exception of those for which a mineral oil is prescribed.

FEATURES & BENEFITS - Race proven: Widely used in racing , from Formula One, Sports Cars, V8 Supercars and Grand Prix and Superbike Motorcycles. -High Boiling point- exceeds the boiling point requirements of DOT 5 brake fluids. - High Vapor Lock Point

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