Castrol power1 Racing 2T (1000ml)

Castrol power1 Racing 2T (1000ml)

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Castrol POWER1 Racing 2T is an advanced technology full synthetic 2-stroke engine oil for use in high speed, high performance 2-stroke motorcycle engines to deliver the ultimate in performance and protection. POWER1 Racing 2T offers superb engine cleanliness, increased acceleration and excellent resistance to seizure thanks to the fast burning formula, high protection formula.

Castrol POWER1 Racing 2T engine oil is suitable for use in all pre-mix and oil injection 2-stroke motorcycle and scooter engines from both European and Japanese manufacturers where JASO FD, API TC+ or ISO-L-EGD oils are recommended. Check your vehicles owner manual for the correct mixing ratio, Castrol POWER1 Racing 2T can be safely mixed to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1

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