Castrol Air Filter oil Spray 400ml

Castrol Air Filter oil Spray 400ml

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Castrol Air Filter Oil Spray 400ml

Special oil for the treatment of motorcycle - intake air filters made of foam or cotton fabric. Castrol Filter Oil is a special product containing solvents and mineral oil, it is used for pre-treatment of foam or cotton fabric filters (permanent filters). Particularly in the case of off-road competition vehicles, but also in normal road use, the paper air filters of motorcycles are often replaced by permanent filters. These filters have the advantage of lower intake air resistance, but must be pre-treated for effective dust retention. Castrol Filter Oil, in conjunction with the fabric filter, enables optimum dust binding.

Castrol Filter Oil is not only suitable for foam filters, but also for reusable filters made of cotton fabric. For the cotton - air filters, however, the product should be applied sparingly and evenly with sprayer.


  • Due to the very low initial viscosity and good penetration ability, the Filter Oil penetrates very easily into the foam - filter and wets the filter material evenly and completely.
  • The easily evaporating solvent contained in the filter oil evaporates very quickly, so that the high final viscosity of the oil is reached after a short time. As a result, the filter does not lose oil either during storage or after installation in the air filter housing, even at elevated temperatures.
  • Castrol Filter - Oil forms a thin sticky film on the effective filter surfaces, which reliably absorbs the particles contained in the intake air without hindering the air flow. Thus, the treated filter is ideally suited for difficult operating conditions with high dust accumulation.
  • After saturation with dirt particles, the filter can be conveniently washed out with Castrol Filter Cleaner, which enables a long service life of the fabric filter.
  • Spray can
  • Content: 400ml

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