Bowden's Auto Body Metal Polish

Bowden's Auto Body Metal Polish

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A combination of super fine abrasives for restoring the shine to dull and tarnished aluminium, alloy and other polishable metal surfaces.

  • What we made to be the best and easiest to use metal polish on the planet
  • Gives a brilliant, mirror shine to dull and tarnished polishable metals with minimal effort
  • Perfect for all aluminium, alloy, stainless, brass and magnesium auto/ bike /boat /truck parts
  • Removes light pitting, oxidation and rust stains as well.
  •  Only need a pea sized drop per application, less is best for this formula. 
  • Very fine rouge with diminishing abrasives, so it's safe for chrome, just wipe on and off
  • Seals the metal so it stays shiny longer between polishes
  • Works great as a glass polish as well.... (its actually pretty epic for this!) 

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