45 Weber DCOE - 152 & 152G - e49 hemi

45 Weber DCOE - 152 & 152G - e49 hemi

SKU: 19600.062 E-49

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45 Weber DCOE. All Weber performance carbs are fitted with factory base jet settings and must be re-jetted for each application.

Each carb is fitted with a std Lotus type lever (part number 45048.007), for a pair you will also need to purchase the mating lever adjuster (part number 45048.005) as well as a T fuel union (part number 10536.034).


DCOE 45 152G-4 is a popular choice for the E49 265 Hemi motor - Suggested jetting & choke sizing, etc for the 152G-4 version DCOE45 triple setup - fitting the 152G with the E49 spec below. Triple Linkage Kit to suit is also available.

  • 40mm Venturi Choke
  • 4.5 Auxiliary Venturi
  • 145 Main jet
  • F2 Emulsion tube
  • 170 Air corrector jet
  • 40 Pump exhaust valve
  • 55F9 Idle jet
  • 45 Pump jet
  • 2.00 Needle valve

The E49 Specc'd carbs are pre-order only with a 2 to 3 weeks lead time. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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