32/36 Weber DGAV Carb Kit with Water Choke

32/36 Weber DGAV Carb Kit with Water Choke

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Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy

This carburettor is fitted with a water operated cold start mechanism (choke), but is also available with electric choke unit (see other listings).

To suit Ford 1.6 / 2.0 Cortina, Capri, Escort, Sierra, kit car etc. or can be adapted to suit many other engines.

Supplied with heat spacer block with bonded gaskets, fuel pipe, hose clips, fuel return union and air filter studs.

Standard jetting is:-

26mm Primary venturi (fixed)
27mm Secondary venturi (fixed)
140 Primary main jet
140 Secondary main jet
F50 Primary emulsion tube
F50 Secondary emulsion tube
170 Primary air corrector jet
160 Secondary air corrector jet
30 Pump exhaust valve
60 Primary idle jet
50 Secondary idle jet
50 Pump jet
2.00 Needle valve.

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