2.8 9 1/2 inch Capri Vented Disc

2.8 9 1/2 inch Capri Vented Disc

SKU: Capri2.8 x 1

  • exc. GST $130.00 exc. GST exc. GST

These are designed to upgrade your non vented discs on some Escort's, Cortina's and Capri's

The PCD where it bolts on hub is about 90mm and center hold is about 66mm and bell is about 12mm from disc face and discs are 21mm thick

Be careful some early MK1 Escorts are different and also some Capri's have an odd strut which the discs bell is much taller.

We also do a spacer kit for the calipers for $115 to do both calipers

Price is per disc.

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