Weber Carburetor Service Kits - Various

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Service kits for popular Weber Carburetors

DGAV/DGV/DGEV - Comprehensive service kit including parts shown with instructions, O.E. quality Italian made parts. Kit also includes:- Pump Diaphragm, Anti-Stall Diaphragm, Needle valve - size 200, Fuel inlet filter, etc

DFAV40 - Service kit includes - Top cover gasket, Pump diaphragm, 250 Needle valve & seat, Fuel inlet filter, Shaft bushing strip, O rings and washers

DGAS38 - Service kit includes - Pump Diaphragm, Anti-stall diaphragm, 250 Needle valve and seat, 3 x PTFE bearing strips, O Rings & gaskets, Fuel inlet filter

IDA48 - Italian OE quality service kit including - Float chamber cover gasket, fuel banjo washers, Carb - manifold gaskets, 200 needle valve, misc washers, seals.

DFTH - Service Kit includes - Top cover gasket, Pump diaphragm, Needle valve & seat, Shaft bushing strip, O rings and washers

DFM/DFE - This is a new Webcon supplied service kit for the 32 DFM Weber carburetor as fitted to the early Ford 1600 x/flow Ford engines. It is also suitable for the 32 DFE fitted to early 1300 GT Ford engines. The kit contains gaskets, seals, needle valve, diaphragm, pump delivery valve, filter & mixture screw. A technical parts exploded diagram is included with the kit.

DCOE 40 & 45 - Comprehensive Service kit that services one DCOE 40 or 45 side draft carburetor - complete with needle & seat, gaskets, spring, fuel filter, idle mixture screws (new design) & o'rings, Float Needle Valve Size Early DCOE40, e.g. Alfa used 150 NV and DCOE 45 used 175nv. Later DCOE40, used 175NV and the later DCOE45 used 200nv. Please check your existing needle valve sizing, if you need a size other than listed then please advise and we can swap out to an alternative. 

DFAV/DFEV 32/36 - Service kit Includes - Size 200 Needle valve & seat, Pump diaphragm, Top gasket, Base gasket, Fuel inlet filter, Fibre washers & O rings. Good quality Italian made.

FoMoCo 1V - A good quality service kit for Ford (found on some Capri models) / Motorcraft / Fomoco IV carburettor. Kit includes:- Gaskets, Pump diaphragm, float valve and seat, Base gasket

DCD 36As fitted standard to early Ford and Fiat 1100 - includes float needle valve, fuel filter, top cover & base gasket, O rings, etc as pictured. Suits DCD 28/36 & DCD 36/36

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