Sparco R100 Sport Seat or Sky Seat.

SKU: S00961BLK

  • exc. GST $725.00 exc. GST exc. GST

The Sparco R100 sport seat is lightweight, compact and is suitable for most cars. It has been built for comfort and support but it's lower side bolsters and slightly narrower steel frame allow it to fit into vehicles where fitting seats with larger side bolsters may be difficult.


- Backrest harness slots so that it cane be used with a race type harness or normal seatbelt. 

-  Compatible with 3 or 4 fixing point harnesses.

- Tubular frame. 

- Double adjustment and reclining lever. High quality recline mechanism for smooth and easy adjustment 

- Bottom fixing (271 x 345). 

S00961 BLK: Sparco R100 Sport Seat available in black cloth 

S00961 Sky: Sparco R100 Sky Seat with faux leather vinyl cover. 

Seats available with or without Runner. 

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