Beltenick FIA 6 Point Hans Camlock Belt 2019 plus 5 years Q/R top Adjusters in Black, Blue or Red


  • exc. GST $265.00 exc. GST exc. GST

Beltenick HANS 6 point camlock belts, hans belts have 2 inch shoulder over hans, quick release top adjuster, latest manufacture date and with hooks and eyes, can also be wrapped around roll bar at top, pull straps on top and sides and intercom holder.

Available in Black, Blue & Red

2" over HANS into 3" quick adjust top adjuster, 3" waist and 2" crutch straps - FIA Latest 2019 Manufactured - FIA expiry 2024 plus 5 year extension for non FIA events as per Motorsport NZ regs

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